Buddha Bar Manila


Transport yourself in a world of luxury and sophistication.

Since it opened its doors in 2012, Buddha-Bar Manila has elevated cosmopolitan dining to a whole new level with its rich serving of tantalizing Modern Asian cuisine. The brain-child of visionary restaurateur Raymond Visan, Buddha-Bar Manila carries with it the sophistication and world-class service that the Buddha-Bar international franchise is known for. Here, one can escape into a world of inventive flavors and experience culinary genius all in one plate.

Remove yourself from the frenzy of urban life and plunge into a remarkable place of enchanting proportions. Located at Picar Place on Kalayaan Avenue, Buddha-Bar Manila is an impressively spacious three-storey establishment that can accommodate more than 500 guests. With its numerous balconies and an outside terrace, Buddha-Bar Manila offers its guests a multitude of diverse atmosphere.

The bar mezzanine is enlaced with 18th century style wrought-iron balustrades that looks out over the dining area where the monumental Buddha sits serenely enthroned. The amber-colored lighting, rich mahogany furniture, Chinese and Japanese art objects, Khmer statues, decorated wood panels, lush reds and gold, luxurious fabrics, and Portuguese mosaics all come together to create an opulent and refined décor.

The Buddha Bar Story

Created by visionary founder Raymond Visan in 1996, owner of the famous Barfly in Paris, this restaurant-bar-lounge, located in the ultra-chic Faubourg St Honoré, rapidly became a must-see and be-seen in the French capital. For over 18 years, the Buddha-Bar concept features a giant Buddha statue, designed and sculpted by Bruno Tanquerel. Some Buddha-Bar and Little Buddha Licenses also feature giant Buddha statues, some of which are adaptations of the Buddha-Bar Paris statue.

Some merchandise sold by GVE, GV Records and/ or its Licenses (Music Compilations, T-Shirts, etc.), some promotional, marketing materials and logos used by GVE or its affiliates may feature the reproduction or adaptation of Buddha-Bar Paris statue designed and sculpted by Bruno Tanquerel.

It has continued to grow and spread its positive energy throughout the world with restaurants, hotels, spas, and music. Today, Buddha-Bar is found in 25 countries and key cities around world, including London, Moscow, Budapest, Paris, Kiev, Prague, St. Petersburg, Cairo, New Delhi, Dubai, Monte Carlo, Tbilisi, Baku and Manila.

Buddha-Bar cultivates its concept with its Parisian and international clientele, by providing much more than an invitation to travel to distant lands, through its exotic cuisine from around the world. It offers a fully original experience.

Our Cuisine

An artful blend of unique taste and choicest ingredients

The Buddha-Bar menu offers a selection of Pacific Rim cuisine dishes, a masterful blend of fine ingredients and spices where Chinese, Japanese, Thai and other East Asian flavors combine subtly with a zest of the West.

Our aim is to offer an exciting and contemporary update of nouvelle cuisine with carefully balanced dishes that will delight both taste buds and eyes alike.

All dishes are prepared to our family style concept; they can be shared among guests, and are served in large dishes rather than individual plates.

Prepared with only the very best ingredients, this fusion food menu is rich yet healthy, with a carefully balanced selection of classic recipes and new creations with entrancing names.

The menu boasts of signature dishes such as Warm Duck Wraps with Pear Compote, Sea Bass with Coco Nantua Sauce, Lamb Curry with Coconut Rice and Angus Ribeye with Asian Chimichuri.

Musical Ambiance

Experience the region’s exotic flavors served in a casual, luxurious atmosphere.

Buddha-Bar’s musical identity has embodied an innovative and avant-garde aspect, thanks to the subtle mixture of captivating Electro-Ethnic rhythms and tribal sounds, played each evening by a resident DJ.

George V Records has designed the perfect sounds to match the restaurant’s ambiance. The musical atmosphere is an eclectic mix of world, lounge and energy perfectly in tune with guests and surroundings.

The best of our DJs distill their musical selections to infuse your evenings in this paradise with an indescribable sensuality. The experience is summed up brilliantly in the famous Buddha-Bar compilations.